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NOAA Adopts New Radar Retrieval/Visualization Tool Developed by STG, Inc.
STG scientist developed new software application to allow visualization of raw radar data


Reston, VA, May 5, 2005 STG, Inc., a leading provider of information technology, technical security, engineering, and scientific services support to the government and military, announced today that STG scientist Steve Ansari has successfully developed a new Java-based software application for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that allows scientists to visualize and export NEXRAD WSR-88D Radar data.


The NEXRAD Viewer and NEXRAD Data Exporter—developed as a part of the support provided by STG to NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, NC—decodes the raw radar data archived by the NCDC. The new software will enable scientists to use NEXRAD radar for a variety of applications, such as the development of hydrologic models for real-time flood forecasting.


“Raw radar data is not user friendly and must be decoded before viewing,” said Paul Fernandes, STG Federal Senior Vice President. “With the NEXRAD Viewer and NEXRAD Data Exporter created by Mr. Ansari, our customers at NCDC can now move this raw data into an easy-to-read visual format, and they can also convert it into common scientific formats for use in other software packages. It is a giant step forward for meteorological science.”


The NCDC archives all NEXRAD radar data collected from 1991 to the present. Currently, there are over 1,000 terabytes of archived NEXRAD radar data—roughly equivalent to 218,000 DVDs or 1.5 million CDs of data. With the new NEXRAD Viewer and NEXRAD Data Exporter, this wealth of complex data can now be accessed and utilized as never before.


Some scientists have already started using the NEXRAD Viewer and NEXRAD Data Exporter, including Dr. David Maidment of the University of Texas. Dr. Maidment has worked with GIS and Hydrology since 1991.


“We are using the Java NEXRAD Viewer to download NEXRAD grids, which we use for geographic information system-based water resources engineering applications,” said Dr. Maidment. “The NEXRAD grids are a valuable dataset with many potential uses.”


Mr. Ansari first presented his new application in December at the 2004 American Geophysical Union Fall Conference in San Francisco. During his presentation, Mr. Ansari used the NEXRAD Viewer software package to graph and visualize radar data from 2004’s Hurricane Charley.


Mr. Ansari’s presentation, “GIS Tools for Visualization and Analysis of NEXRAD Radar (WSR-88D) Archived Data at the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC),” is available online at





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