SEI CMMI Maturity Level 3 Rated
ISO 9001:2008 Certified | ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 Certified
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Application and Web Development
Situational Awareness for Your Enterprise

We build knowledge management systems to archive knowledge and facilitate collaboration. We develop agile custom databases and permission-gated applications that assure levels of security access. To ensure that you understand how to use what you have, we develop application training curricula and provide training to meet your requirements. 

Application Development and Support
We start with the end user’s requirements. We then develop a prototype version for your feedback to ensure that we are meeting your requirements. Network enterprises are on and available 24x7x365, which is why secure development is crucial. Rather than putting up too many firewalls that can create bottlenecks for users, we develop inherently secure programs designed for around-the-clock demands. 

Knowledge Management Support
Knowledge is most valuable when it inspires collaboration. We develop knowledge management systems that encourage collaboration by ensuring that the right people have access to the system. We use a modular approach so that new capabilities can be continually added without starting from scratch.

CAC-Enabled Application Development 
STG develops and retrofits applications that control access through CAC-encoded permissions for DoD environments. Instead of relying on a local password and username, the card system accesses DoD’s CAC database to verify access permissions across the entire DoD environment.

Application Training Development and Delivery
STG provides application and Web services training for your mission. We develop curricula; we also schedule and conduct training sessions for applications required by your mission. 

Database Design, Implementation and Administration
Behind every effective application and Web service is a database. STG supports, designs and develops for standalone databases and the databases behind applications. We design databases that fit your requirements for administration and migration and always keep growth and additional applications handling in mind.

Application and web development

STG develops and maintains Web applications and services to support delivery of IT services and help you understand the health and status of your enterprise.